Saturday, December 15, 2007

December Events -- Sales & Grand Openings

Win L$2000.00 of La Belle Vie Goodies!!!!! December 15th - 20th
OoooooOoooh! That’s Right!!! The Winner of this contest will have their choice of L$2000.00 in ANY ~La Belle Vie~ items they wish! Just drop a notecard with your name into the white mail box on the wall behind the customer service desk at ~La Belle Vie~ to be entered into the drawing! The lucky winner’s name will be picked from a hat on Thursday, December20th at 6 PM SLT by Zasa Rossini and announced immediately after! Only one entry per person.
>> Due to SLURL issue the link has been removed. Please Search on "La Belle Vie".

~La Belle Vie~ Caledon Brigadoon Grand Opening, December 17th!!
Come visit our newest location in Caledon Brigadoon and receive a beautiful Caledonian Edition, La Belle Vie Parlour Lamp! This is only for a limited time!!!

25% Off Holiday Sale!!! December 15th - December 17th!!!!!
It’s the holiday seaon and I’m in the mood for a sale once again. So, December 15th until 11:59PM SLT on December 17th, anything in the shop created by Zasa Rossini ( No PhotoArt items or Rascal Blanco’s Greenhouse or Cabinet) is on sale!!! At midnight, i will go thru my sales receipts and refund 25% of what you spent to you!
>> Due to SLURL issue the link has been removed. Please Search on "La Belle Vie".

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Exciting Happenings..well at least exciting to me!

I have the wonderful fortune of being able to announce I've acquired land in Caledon to build a residence. The parcel is on the new Brigadoon sim and borders the next sim to be built...Cape Wrath i believe. Although I'll miss my little cottage by the ocean in the Duchy of Carntaigh, I'm really looking foward to stretching out my arms on my own plot of land.

The second exciting happening is the opportunity to bring my shop La Belle Vie (co-founded with Zasa Rossini) to Caledon as well. This will bring us closer to the Caledon community. To leave more about this fantastic change, please read our shop blog posting on this: .

Continued thanks to all who have helped this new kid in town get familiar with the ropes of Caledon. See you 'round!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Introduction to Sword Fighting - WhoopAss 101

Thanks to a well timed invitation from Sir Telemachus in one of the multitudes of groups I've recently been invited to (and really need to discover what I've signed up for!) I had the pleasure of witnessing and participating in my first sword sparring in Caledon! Sir Telemachus' sparring invitation was accepted by the Lady Whoop...ah..Lady Diamanda. While observing the masterful fighters take turns demonstrating their skills, the newbie (me) worked at how to buckle his belt, strap shield on arm, load the HUD....stare at the HUD...stare some more...pull out his hieroglyphics manual and finally manage to pull the sword from its sheathe. Ah, sweet success!

Once the pro pair were complete and the applause died down, Lady Dia (if i may) was kind enough to invite me into the arena for a beating..ah..a lesson. Here's how the several rounds of sparring went...

  • Round 1 - Lady Dia pushes Rascal's head in the snow....deep. (In a very sweet gesture of friendship, she quickly commented that the snow will help stem the blood flow.)
  • Round 2 - Lady Dia pushes Rascal's head in the snow...not as deep.
  • Round 3 - Rascal pushes Lady Dia's head in the snow (note: she had just completed 7+ rounds of sparring, so I imagine carpal tunnel was setting in for her.)
  • Round 4, 5, 6 - Back and forth wins, with Lady Dia still continuing to school Rascal in the art of spinning around to find the redhead before she smites you.

All in all...a GREAT FIGHT! Truly something I would love to do more of. So, I would like to offer anyone who wants a shot at “beat the newbie” to please IM me immediately. I would love the practice.

So...thank you to Lady Dia for the very valuable lesson. (leaves keyboard to place ice pack back on head.)

Monday, December 10, 2007

Chasing Rascal?

Welcome to this inaugural post from the Chasing Rascal blog. I'll be chatting about several things here...hopefully all of them amazingly scintillatingly interesting to you all…or at least most? bout just to me and that one guy there in the third row with the chest wig…yes you sir..I’m sorry yes, its terribly noticeable.

Anyway..topics to be covered on a regular basis:

  1. Caledon - My entry into Calendon, getting to find a home, the new neighbors and just all out the great community this seems to be.
  2. La Belle Vie – My brilliant business partner, Zasa Rossini, and I are opening a new shop in the Caledon region. I’ll be managing this shop and coordinating local events, while my guru manages our main store located in beautiful Peachy Dunes. We will regularly have events, new product launches, special holiday sales, and generally a grand ole time.
  3. The WOW-List – reporting on some of the things people are doing here in SL that just blows your mind…some are friends and the rest will hopefully become friends in the future. These maybe people who are going above and beyond to help others, or businesses that just deserve some recognition.
  4. ..maybe a little about me? Nah..nobody needs that!! You’d rather wear newbie me.

Wow, you’re still here? I gotta hand it to you, I stopped reading about 10 rambling minutes ago…Just kidding. See you pixel people later.